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May 2-May 29

Bob Drake:  I Live in the Forest

Bob is a watercolor artist who actually lives in a forest and is deeply inspired by his surroundings.


May 30-July 2

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass:  Abstract Expressions

"Abstract Expressions" is an exhibition of current watercolors by artist Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass.  2023 marks her 50th year focusing on watercolor as her primary medium.


July 4- July 30

Pamela Haunschild:  Wilderness Visions

Pam's paintings explore the beauty of the wilderness and wildlife using a semi-abstract approach that combines layers of texture with vibrant color combinations.


August 1- August 27

Alice Niemiec:  View from Ashland

Alice Niemiec is an award-winning artist who has exhibited in shows around the United States.  Originally from Detroit, Alice paints in watercolor and oils, in landscapes, florals, still life, and portraits.  Her colorful and loose impressionistic style captures the beauty and depth in nature.


August 28- October 1

Adventures in COLOR

Annekatrine paints in acrylics to capture the romance of living life, and the enchantment and beauty of nature.  She started her painter's journey near the Fairy Tale Road in Germany.  Her stylistic versatility combines elements from stunning magic realism as well as ethereal semi abstraction.  "Adventures in COLOR" is a tapestry of Annekatrine's work, including abstracts, still lifes and landscapes - many of them in celebration of Ashland and the beautiful Rogue valley.


October 3- October 29

David Mensing:  Character and Capability-Encounters in the Pursuit of Delight

"In the experience of natural places there is far more than just enjoyment or wonder.  In Creation, one can glimpse eternal capability and eminent character.  I am compelled to share the depth of that experience in my work."


October 30- November 27

Lucas Kremer:  "Feathers and Fractals"

Luke's work explores the intersection between nature's delicate beauty and the intricate patterns found in mathematics.


November 28- January 29

Group Show ~ 6" Square

Art & Soul Ashland artists show off their best miniature artwork.  Each painting is 6" square.

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